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    Join GRF Team :: Rules :: READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Post by phatprick on Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:18 pm

    So you want to join GRF Team? Lets set up some rules...

    1.) Admin is always RIGHT!
    2.) If Admin in some case is not right, see rule number 1.
    3.) World rank limit for new members is 15 000 (exceptions reserved!)
    4.) You are NOT allowed to send GRF Team registration information to ANYONE!
    5.) If you wish to QUIT our team, you MUST quit the registration at
    6.) You are NOT allowed to change your GRF nickname (font and colors) which you received at registration
    7.) Don't ask for Admin/Operator rights, because they will not be granted
    8.) Since large amount of players want to join GRF, we are forced to recruit only drivers which are in Top 5 players on grf/buksa (GER) :new:
    9.) If there were any new rules, you must obey them...

    OK, so if you accept these rules, you are welcome in GRF Team! Wink

    Fill out this Registration form and submit your details.

    If I decide to let you in our team, I will send you email with registration information..

    Good luck & enjoy in our Team! Wink

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