Setting Custom Car Skins


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    Setting Custom Car Skins

    Post by phatprick on Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:18 pm

    When you download your custom car skin, it must be in .zip format, now do not extract the content from that .zip file...

    Just save it as it is in:
    C:\Program Files\TrackMania Nations ESWC\GameData\Skins\Vehicles\StadiumCar

    Watch video tutorial

    Go in game, and enter in PROFILE
    List all cars back and forth until you find your custom skin, select it and that is it!
    (Bare in mind that you must buy any other game from TM series (TMO/TMU/TMS/TMNF...), for the others to see your custom car! Otherwise, you will be the only one to see your custom skin!)

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    If you did buy the game, and you want others to see it, this is what you have to do...

    (Lets say that your custom car skin is

    01.) Register at
    02.) Upload your file there
    03.) After you have successfully uploaded your file, right click on that file and choose: Properties
    04.) Under Linking codes: click on URL
    05.) A new little window will pop-out with selected Link, copy that Link
    06.) Open NotePad
    07.) Paste the Link
    08.) Go to File > Save As...
    09.) In Save As Type: choose All Files
    10.) In File Name: type
    11.) Save that file in C:\Program Files\TrackMania Nations ESWC\GameData\Skins\Vehicles\StadiumCar

    Go OnLine and play! Wink

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    grf / noob
    grf / noob

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    Re: Setting Custom Car Skins

    Post by Nocres on Sun May 24, 2009 7:12 pm

    Ty phat

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