TIPS - Before shooting a video


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    TIPS - Before shooting a video

    Post by phatprick on Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:52 pm

    Before you shoot the video, i will show you how to set the quality, replace car skins, and remove custom cams here in this tutorial...

    Tip 1 - Nicer looking video

    Before you start shooting the video... When you start the game, and the launcher pops up, before you click Play, choose
    Configure > Advanced > Display

    1. Enable CUSTOMIZE - When you enable Customize, all settings should be optimal, if you think that your PC can handle better quality, turn them up a notch.

    2. Enable FORCE DYNAMIC COLORS - That will give some nice colors to the video

    3. Enable FORCE MOTION BLUR - This will give motion blur to the video and give it illusion of higher speed.

    4. Enable FORCE BLOOM - This will give nice blooming glow to the video.

    5. Click OK and SAVE, then enter the game (click PLAY)

    PS. This tip is for shooting videos only! Do NOT play with this settings, as you will get a massive Lagg. After you are done with shooting the video, set the settings as they were.

    :: :: ::

    Tip 2 - Swapping car skins
    You can use this option if you have an old replay, but you would like to use your new/different car in it! Wink

    In game, go to Editors > Edit a Replay > [Choose a replay you want] > Launch > Edit

    Now you have in a lower box a list of camera movements, effects (if any)... and car skins. Find your car skin under GHOST:YOUR NICK and

    1. Click on the yellow line start

    That will open a skin menu on the left panel side, and all you have to do, is to click on the "..." button, that will bring a window with all car skins available on your Pc. Select the one you want, SAVE and exit.

    :: :: ::

    Tip 3 - Removing Custom Cameras

    Using default custom cams in replays is pointless, since you want see yourself driving. Hence removing them and using race cam is the way to go, and here is the way how to do it!

    First, select the replay with custom cam you want and select EDIT.
    There is a box on the bottom containing Cams, effects, text, players... etc. You have to find that Custom cam (usually it is on the top), select it and click on the Recycle Bin to delete it, if you want you can delete any other effects, text or anything else, but if you are not sure, dont!

    Next, click on the piece of paper next to recycle bin (called Add track) and choose Camera > Camera race

    Alittle menu will appear on the left side, all you have to do is navigate with the yellow left-right arrows to find Close camera.

    Thats it, save the replay by clicking on the diskette on the top and you can exit and start shooting your video!


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    Re: TIPS - Before shooting a video

    Post by Sark123 on Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:14 am

    ye phat, i go and try it.. i give here a video than ..

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