Pruning 01 :: January 2009.


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    Pruning 01 :: January 2009.

    Post by phatprick on Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:16 pm

    Time has come to prune some really nasty and bad tracks from our server, and replace them with fresh ones... We will do this every last week in the month, so you will have enough time to find or make some new tracks for our server...
    Remember that you can suggest your track to us after you have uploaded it on TMX, and posted a direct link to that track in this post.

    The first pruning will commence 26.01. during the day, and new tracks will be added instantly after that...
    So please, vote as much as you can until that day, because all the tracks with negative karma will be deleted on pruning!

    You can use /list karma - and /list karma + to see tracks with positive and negative karma, and make sure if you run into tracks with karma 0, to jukebox them and vote...


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