How To Make Video Replays: Part 1 (Shooting WS HD Video)


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    How To Make Video Replays: Part 1 (Shooting WS HD Video)

    Post by phatprick on Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:56 pm

    This one is a bit longish, but it shouldn't take you more than 10-15 min to make single replay (most of the time you're going to wait for video to encode and upload on youtube). Let me first list the things you are going to need in order to make a nice replay with a music background.

    :: First download ffdshow video codec here. ]New version: 2010-07-25]
    :: :: Download GRF Team video intro.
    :: Make sure that you have Windows Movie Maker in your (copy of) WindowsXP Smile (if you have better software for video editing and you know how to use it, then go ahead)
    :: You have to have a valid replay (doesn't matter if its saved online or in solo mode)
    :: Find a nice up-beat mp3 that will go nicely with your replay
    :: If you already didn't, register at youtube.
    (Dont use vimeo, because they will ban your account and delete all your videos, trust me, ive been there Smile )

    If you have all of this things, then lets get started:

    1. Start TMNF, and go to Editor > Replay > Replays and find your replay for the video (usually they're stored in My Replays)
    2. Select that replay and click OK, and on the new window choose Shoot video
    3. Set the Width to 1280 and Height to 720, Fps to 50) and just turn off the Audio stream and click OK
    If you use WMM im not sure that 50 fps will work, if you get some strange behaviour, leave fps to 25.
    But if you use Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, use 50.

    4. A little window will turn up to ask you which codec you wish to use to encode your video, and from the drop-down list choose ffdshow Video Codec and click on Configure...

    5. A configuration window will appear, and from the left drop-down menu choose FLV1 codec, on the right drop-down menu choose one pass - quality, and move the slider to 80 (or just write 80 in the box) and press OK

    6. Now press OK on that little window and video recording will start. (Depending on the lenght of your video and the power of you PC, this could take a while)
    7. When the video recording is finished you will be noticed, and your video will be saved in C:/Program files/Trackmania Nations ESWC folder as Video01.avi file


    If you used WS 1280x720 technique, with FPS set to 50, dot worry if the encoded video is lagging when you want to watch it... It will play normally once you encode it with WMM or other video editor!

    Now you are finished with shooting all your videos.
    If you are using WMM go to Part 2.
    If you are using Adobe Premiere go to Part 3. (coming soon)

    :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


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