How To Make Video Replays: Part 2 (Windows Movie Maker)


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    How To Make Video Replays: Part 2 (Windows Movie Maker)

    Post by phatprick on Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:42 pm

    When you finished shooting all your replays, now it is time to "glue" them all together in one nice compilation.
    If you missed this from Part 1 of the tutorial, and you are using WS 1280x720 technique, dont forget to download this plugins for WMM:

    :: :: WS HD 1280x720
    :: :: WS SD 640x368

    Put them in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\Profiles)

    :: :: These plugins are only for WMM, so there is no use of them if you use Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.
    :: :: If you use 1280x720 tutorial, download GRF Team video intro.

    1. Open up Windows Movie Maker from START > Program files

    2. First thing you should do when you open WMM is to go at Tools > Options, and in Video properties check that Aspect ratio is 4:3 and click OK
    :: For WS vides choose 16:9

    3. Now on the left side choose Import video, find that video that you just made and wait for video to process and import to WMM
    NOTE: You will notice (depending on your video lenght) that WMM will break your video in parts (in my case it break video in 4 parts) and you will have to drag-and-drop all parts in the Storyboard
    - after you have imported the video, you can import your mp3 clicking on the Import audio or music

    4. Now just drag-and-drop video parts one by one in the Storyboard and after that click on the Show Timeline button

    5. Now you have a timeline with Video and Audio/Music layers, and all you have to do now is to drag-and drop your mp3 in the Audio/Music layer, and if its longer than your video, just grab the end and drag it to the end of the video in Video layer.

    6. Thats it, now lets go save that video. Click on the File > Save Movie File... leave My Computer selected and click Next, give your movie a name and choose a place to save that movie, or leave it on defalt My Videos folder and click Next, and now in the Movie settings choose Other settings and in the drop-down menu choose High quality video (PAL) and click Next
    :: For WS HD 1280x720 videos in Movie settings choose YouTube HD 1280x720 - PapaJohn
    :: For WS SD 640x368 videos in Movie settings choose YouTube widescreen 640x368 - PapaJohn

    - that will start the video+audio process and after it is finished, you can upload your video at
    - after you have successfully uploaded your video on youtube, you can insert your video in the Replay-O-Rama section so that everybody can see your latest vid! Wink

    Enjoy and go nuts!


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