Updates + New Members 30-06-2009


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    Updates + New Members 30-06-2009

    Post by phatprick on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:19 pm

    Well, i don't know how to start telling you about this months updates, because there is a HUGE secret project going on this days, and if i tell you too much, then it wouldn't be a secret, wouldn't it? Smile
    All i can tell you is that Battlefield forum is locked from now on, and eventually deleted! Now, don't worry, this doesn't mean that there would be no clan wars... Ooo there would be, trust me, and better organized than ever! GRF team registration will probably also be removed from the forum, because that page is available only when my PC is turned on and connected to the internet. Top10 lists from servers will be updated because it is in the same situation as the registration form.
    So expect a great amount of fixes and upgrades in the next few days!
    I almost forgot to inform you that we are very close to our second milestone - 2000 posts! Yeah! Wink
    New member this month:

    grf / neo / 18 / (RUS)

    Welcome neo, enjoy driving with us and good luck! drive2


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