Rules :: Read before posting!


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    Rules :: Read before posting!

    Post by phatprick on Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:21 pm

    :: This rule only refers on topic titles in Battlefield forum

    Before you post your request about the battle vs our team, make sure that you check the calendar first, so we dont have two different battles on the same day...

    :: All topic titles must be written in following pattern:

    GRF vs YOUR_TEAM_NAME :: [dd-mm-yyyy]
    GRF vs YTM :: [01-12-2009]

    Post details about the battle at least one week (7 days) before the actual battle!

    When you finish all the details about the battle, make sure that you enter the date and hour of the battle in calendar section below the post!

    Posts without Calendar notification will be deleted!

    Battle rules:

    01. GRF Team will choose 3 maps, and we tell you which ones 10 days before the match (maps 40-60s long)
    02. Your team will choose 3 maps, and you tell us which ones 10 days before the match (maps 40-60s long)
    03. When the battle starts, nobody starts playing until all the members are inside and divided into teams (Team Mode)
    04. We play on this 6 maps, and if the score is 3/3, then we continue to play until 2 difference
    05. First map is just for warm-up, on 2nd map we start scoring system (so the first warm-up map is last in scoring system)
    06. No cheating!
    07. No cuts!
    08. Only team members can play!
    09. No hard feelings if someone lose! (its just a game Wink)

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